The 2016 Children's Flowerbed competition

The Museum is pleased to be working with the Council's Green Spaces Team to provide some inspiring designs for the 2016 Children's Flowerbed competition.

Flowerbed comp 1.jpg

The competition is open to Year 3 to Year 6 children. The theme is 'Potent Patterns'.

Children can take inspiration from patterns used throughout history to design the flowerbed to be planted in Churchfields Recreation Ground in Weybridge in late Spring.

The Museum has many artefacts in the collection with distinctive, decorative and symbolic designs. Here are a few examples of patterns from our Medieval floor tiles. The tiles themselves are 120mm square. Can you see in the photos how one individual tile has been repeated to form colourful patterns? Imagine how these photos would look with the pattern replaced by flowers.

Why don't you also have a look at the various sections of the Museum website to see if you can find other useful examples?

|See how you can enter the competition. We look forward to receiving your entries!