• May Family Fun - Periscopes Up!For this month's workshop families discovered what life was like for a soldier during WW1. 28/06/2016
  • Kings, Queens and St George's SchoolOn 29th April Elmbridge Museum's Learning Officer led an engaging session with the History Club at St. George's Junior School in Weybridge. 25/04/2016
  • Update on the Museum transformationElmbridge Museum is a professional museum, accredited under the Arts Council Accreditation scheme, and is committed to the Museum Association values of Museums Change Lives. There have been a lot of changes to the museum over the past year and we thought it was a good time to give an update on our progress. We are now working to use the collections much more actively in the community than was the case when artefacts were on static display in Weybridge. 25/04/2016
  • Tudor sweet making at Elmbridge Food FestivalThe Museum team welcomed over a 100 children and their parents to the 'Little Foodies' area at the Elmbridge Food Festival on Sunday 27th September. 25/04/2016
  • Cranmere Primary School Children travel back to Roman TimesOn Thursday 12th November Year 4 children at Cranmere Primary School travelled back in time to learn more about the Roman bath house unearthed in Cobham in 1942. 25/04/2016
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