A noisy Saturday!

Elmbridge Museum supported the Fun Palace event at Walton Library on Saturday 7th October.  Children got into the creative spirit by decorating their own percussion instruments. 

Fun Palaces Martin O'Reilly - full photo consent.JPG

Our monthly Family Fun workshop also took place this Saturday at Walton Playhouse. Families taking part in the ‘Shake your noise maker’ event enjoyed discovering the noisy objects in the museum’s collection and making lots of noise with some of them - turning the replica gas rattle to was a particular highlight!

Fun Palace Grace and Elsie Morley - full photo consent.JPG

Children then made their own hand-drums to take home.  Imaginations were let loose on the decoration of the instruments and it was great to see how different each of the colourful designs was. 


Family Fun Max and Ellen Dixon 2 - full photo consent.JPG

‘Shake your noise maker’ was part of a series of Family Fun events held by Elmbridge Museum once a month on Saturday between 2:00-4:30pm. Elmbridge Museum’s next Family Fun workshop is on Saturday 4th November. Explore the diverse range of hats in Elmbridge Museum’s collection and the stories they tell, then create your own.