Cranmere Primary School Children travel back to Roman Times

On Thursday 12th November Year 4 children at Cranmere Primary School travelled back in time to learn more about the Roman bath house unearthed in Cobham in 1942.

Using role play, the children enthusiastically explored the layout of the bath house. They imagined they were starting their visit to the baths in the Palaestra (exercise yard) where they were put through several vigorous bending, jumping and stretching exercises. Once they had worked up a sweat the children were ready to act out using the caldarium (hot room) of the bath house. They really enjoyed the hands-on experience of learning how to wash like a Roman by using the strigil and olive oil.

The children discovered more about the decoration of the bath house by investigating original Roman designs. They learnt that dolphins and fish were typical mosaic motifs and used these as inspiration for their own marvellous mosaic designs!

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