Elmbridge Museum Successfully Transfers 250 Items to Dorking Museum

On the 10th July 2017 Elmbridge Museum successfully transferred 250 items from the costume collection to Dorking Museum.

A team of three from Dorking Museum came to the Museum Store to collect the items. Each individual item was inspected, the accession number checked, and the items repacked into special boxes to be taken to their new home.  

A total of 173 items were transferred from the Ockley Court Collection. This was donated to Elmbridge Museum in 1977, though a Collections Review in 2012 established that it was not relevant to our area because the Calvert family do not live in the Borough of Elmbridge. The collection is comprised of mainly women’s and children’s wear from the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. Amongst the transferred items were boys’ velvet dinner jackets, ladies’ dresses and a men’s red hunting tailcoat.

A further 77 items were transferred from the Broadwood Trust Collection to Dorking Museum. The collection belonged to Captain E.H.T. Broadwood who lived in Lyne and helped to set up Dorking Museum in the early twentieth century. Captain Broadwood kept good company and amassed a vast collection of formal eveningwear for events. The collection is mostly menswear dating from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Features of the collection include a pair of men’s 1930s cricket trousers and a mid-nineteenth century men’s silk waistcoat.

Dorking Museum are exceedingly pleased to receive the items and hope to be able to display some items in future.

A further 7 items will be transferred to Dorking Museum from the Ockley Court Collection and 15 items from the Broadwood Trust Collection later this year.

Gemma and Clare Signing Documentation.JPG

Dorking Museum's Curator, Clare, (left) and Elmbridge Museum's Effective Collections Project Officer, Gemma, (right) signing documentation for the transfer of the collections