May Family Fun - Periscopes Up!

May family fun periscopes 1

The children used their senses to explore feely bags which held object relating to the conditions in the trenches on the Western Front. Participants learnt about what soldiers did to relax, what object they kept with them to keep them safe and give them courage and the cat sized rats they shared their living quarters with!

Families also made their own periscopes and embroidered postcards inspired by the ones in Elmbridge Museum's collection. Lastly the children were able to imagine what it would have felt like to wear a soldier's uniform as they tried on replica version and found it to be very itchy!


may family fun periscopes 2
"Periscopes Up!" was part of a series of Family Fun events held by Elmbridge Museum once a month on Saturday between 2:00-4:30pm. Our next workshop, "Terrible Tudor Whiffs", is on Saturday 11th June. Discover how the Tudors protected themselves from the 'bad smells' they believed were bad for their health.