November Family Fun - Historic Hats

This month Elmbridge Museum held their Family Fun event at Walton Library for the first time.

Families attending the event had great fun trying on lots of different styles of hat and finding out about the range of hats in the museum collection.

Historic Hats

Children taking part in the workshop enjoyed using lots of different craft materials to make their own hat. Each of the hats was different and it was great to see how each child put their own unique stamp on their hat when decorating!

Historic hats frame

"Historic Hats!" was part of a series of |Family Fun events held by Elmbridge Museum once a month on Saturday between 2:00-4:30pm. Our next workshop, "Crafty Christmas", is on Saturday 2 December at Walton Library.  Make your own Victorian Christmas cards and decorations and find out how they transferred the way we celebrate Christmas today.