Photo Project 2017

At the end of August, the Museum team decamped to the boardroom of Luxfords of Weybridge, to undertake 5 days of photographing the Museum’s collection of ceramics and glassware. Luxfords are based in the Brooklands Business Park and store some of the Museum’s 40,000 objects.


The Team worked on a three-stage production line: unpacking boxed and wrapped objects; placing each object for photographing by Andy Johnson; and carefully repacking each object for return into the storage boxes. 

Andy took over 600 digital images of objects as varied as figurines, Victorian serving dishes and jelly moulds, Edwardian dressing table sets, souvenir teapots, vases, torpedo mineral water bottles, milk bottles, decanters, glue jars and chemist’s tonic bottles.

Each year the Museum undertakes a photo project through Art UK to continue to bring more of the Museum’s collections to the public view. These latest images will be available on the Museum’s website Collections page within the next few months.

Work on PC.JPG