the devil’s in the detail at Elmbridge Museum

Last January, students from the Art and Design Department at Brooklands College met with the Elmbridge Museum Team to have a close look at a selection of objects from the collection, ranging from domestic items to personal items, as well as items in their natural state with a natural pattern, whilst others were man-made.

brooklands session1.jpg


The Micro to Macro project kicked off with the an exhibit ‘The Devil’s in the Detail’ displayed at Brooklands College, which showcased intricate artefacts from Elmbridge Museum’s textile, metal, wood, ceramic and natural collections.

 At Elmbridge Museum, students drew inspiration from the intricate patterns found on some of the museum items, and to think about how they could recreate some of the items or patterns in print with the aim of magnifying and drawing at larger scale. The students took notes, photos and completed drawings of the areas that interested them.

brooklands session7.jpg
brooklands session5.jpg

This first visit to the Museum was aimed at inspiring the students to produce some drawings and to gather research material to support the development of their work.

Over the next year, students will continue to work with Elmbridge Museum to develop, refine and finalise artwork ideas inspired by our museum objects.