Work Experience Summer 2019 - By Emanuela Nigrelli and Isabella Gill

For our work experience, we spent a week with the staff at the Elmbridge Museum to further our love of history. During this week, we wanted to gain an idea of possible careers relating to history and have thoroughly enjoyed our time at the museum.
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As part of the Elmbridge Museum Outreach Programme, they have developed ‘Discovery Boxes’ which local schools can loan. They consist of a series of artefacts and replicas relating to a theme or topic with classroom activities and information packs alongside them.


We then created a teacher’s pack to feature alongside our box which consisted of our own research about every item in the box and 10 interactive classroom activities for primary school children which we hope will strengthen their curiosity for history. We also had the privilege of attending a Volunteers focus group which aimed to expand the museum’s Outreach Programme. It was clear to us that these volunteers were very passionate and dedicate lots of time in the museum’s local studies room collating and organising our local historical records.


Overall, our work experience has exceeded our expectations and provided us with an incredible insight to future employment opportunities. The support we received from the welcoming staff was extremely useful and will stand us in good stead for the next academic year. We are very grateful for the opportunity that we had at Elmbridge Museum and would highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about a career in history or even just with an interest in the past of our local area.