Wrens of Oxshott School Project

Royal Kent School in Oxshott explore their local history.

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Earlier this month Elmbridge Museum undertook a project with Royal Kent Primary School inspired by the Wren family, a local family of potters who prolifically produced work over the past 100 years in their home that once stood just opposite the school. The project came about from the sponsorship of Royal Kent's membership to the museum's learning service and the purchase of the museums display case at Cobham Library by the Cobham Heritage Trust.



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To celebrate this, the Learning Officer and Exhibitions Officer worked with Year 2 children to help them create their own mini- exhibitions, explore the Wren's pottery and produce their own 2D and clay artworks inspired by the local wildlife, just as the Wren family had done before them.






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This work will be exhibited in the Cobham display case in October after the original Wren pottery has been exhibited. From this project we hoped to inspire the class about the rich historic and cultural significance of their local surroundings, as well as sparking an interest in museums that will stay with them.