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School Newsletters

Summer term 2017

 Welcome back

I hope you enjoyed the Easter Holidays and are looking forward to the Summer term.

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The Learning Officer has now returned to the Museum team from Maternity leave. Our workshops, assemblies and CPD sessions are now available to be delivered in your school on Wednesdays and Thursdays. For enquiries and to make a booking please get in touch with the Museum team.

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Photo of school assembly


Children at Esher Church School enjoyed taking part in our ‘Making History’ assembly. Starting in the present day and travelling back in time, this assembly explores the fascinating history of the local area. Invite Elmbridge Museum to deliver this interactive assembly in your school now free of charge. 

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 Discovery boxes

Schools have been bringing learning to life in their classrooms by hiring our discovery boxes. From ‘Stone Age’ to ‘Toys from the past’ our discovery boxes have added the wow factor to the start of new history topics or have been used to draw the learning sessions to an exciting close. All our discovery boxes include real and replica objects and teachers’ notes to help you to get the most out of the resources.

Our discovery boxes can be loaned for a two-week period.

See our full list of discovery boxes available to hire. 

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WW1 – Soldiers Kit Discovery Box

 We have developed a new discovery box which explores what life was like for soldier’s living on the Front Line during World War One. This Discovery Box contains examples of some of the items a soldier may have had with them and explores the themes of hygiene, uniform, souvenirs, personal effects, and correspondence. This collection of objects has been selected to be used for object handling within classroom and are ideal for providing an immersive experience for children learning about World War One.

This box can be loaned for two weeks from Elmbridge Museum, to book please contact the museum.