Elmbridge Museum offers a range of services for schools, from discovery boxes for loan to fully tailor-made sessions led by our Learning Officer. Contact us to see how elmbridge museum can support your school.

Our school membership scheme is designed to support schools in the delivery of the curriculum. Schools that subscribe to this great value scheme will have access to the Museum's selection of interactive workshops and discovery boxes on a variety of topics. For an annual fee of £165, the membership scheme includes:

  • Four 1.5hr outreach sessions
  • The loan of 6 discovery boxes
  • One assembly
  • Teacher CPD: Object handling workshop

Our non-member prices are also good value as stand-alone costs. Many schools prefer to book our services on a one-off basis:

  • Outreach school session £60
  • Discovery box hire £20
  • Bespoke school session £160
  • Teacher CPD: Object handling workshop £30


 Contact the Learning Team at Elmbridge Museum.


Outreach Sessions

Our Learning team can visit your school to deliver a curriculum-supported session. Participants are given the opportunity to explore and investigate life in the past using the museum's collection. All outreach sessions are suitable for Years 1 to 6, maximum of 30 students.

Tudors - Patterns from the Palace
Discover the history of the Tudors in Elmbridge. Explore the past of Oatlands Palace and handle objects excavated from its grounds. Pupils will create their own Tudor inspired tiles.

Toys from the Past
Handle historic toys in this interactive session learning about toys from different eras. Pupils will then get to make their own old fashioned toy.

Victorian Costume
Discover how clothing was revolutionised during the Victorian period; learning about fan etiquette followed by a crafty session to make a holding fan.

Victorian Christmas Cards
Find out all about Christmas traditions invented by the Victorians. Taking inspiration from our collection, pupils will be able to make Christmas cards of their own.

Victorian Domestic Life
Explore what life was like for a Victorian servant through handling objects and experience how they would have carried out household chores.

Learn what seaside holidays used to be like through handling objects and then have fun making Punch and Judy puppets.

WW2 Gas Masks
Learn about life on the home front during World War One in Elmbridge. Pupils then get to make a civilian gas mask.

WW1 Periscopes
Discover interesting facts about life during WW1, with pupils getting the opportunity to make their own trench periscope.

Romans - A Visit to the Bathhouse
Explore the history of the Roman bathhouse in Cobham. Learn about Roman customs and culture through role play, object handling and craft activities.



Tailored Sessions

If you are interested in an area of our collection or just curious to see how we can help with a school project, then do feel free to get in touch for an informal conversation. We can plan and deliver tailored sessions to meet your requirements and would be delighted to discuss ways in which we may be able to work together. Please get in touch to find out more.

We are piloting selected new workshops in response to the new National Curriculum and to improve our services - contact us if you are interested in trialling these. 


Discovery Boxes


Our discovery boxes are a fantastic resource for enhancing learning in the classroom. All our discovery boxes include real and replica objects and teachers' notes as well as extra resources for helping to get the most out of your session. Our discovery boxes also assist in supporting the new curriculum with local history content, and provide pupils with hands on experience in learning about history.

The following loan boxes are available for booking:


[ Zoom ]
Two Ancient Greek helmets

Ancient Greeks
A wealth of items relating to the Ancient Greeks. Objects include clothing, masks, a discus, information and artefacts on gods and goddesses.




Discovery Box Romans

An excellent resource showing examples and replicas from the Roman era. Featuring amongst many items, a toga, mortarium, a gladiator glass beaker and oil lamp. The discovery box includes teacher's notes, a sound and learning pack and posters and videos.



[ Zoom ]
A Tudor ruff, feather quill, wine goblet and other objects

Artefacts relating to Tudor life and Henry VIII's Oatlands Palace with illustrations, slides and photographs.





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A Victorian top hat, fan and other objects

Victorian Costume
A rare chance for pupils to handle and try on genuine Victorian accessories and items of clothing. Objects include a gentleman's removable collar, ladies gloves, a jet mourning necklace and a hat pin. Accompanied by full notes describing what objects tell us about Victorian life.



[ Zoom ]
Household items including a knife cleaner and a stoneware hot-water bottle

Victorian Domestic
Household items such as a knife cleaner and stoneware hot-water bottle. Includes background information, notes on the objects, suggested activities and worksheets.




[ Zoom ]
Seaside objects including Punch and Judy, a bucket and spade and a straw hat

Seaside Holidays
All the fun of seaside holidays of the past. Handling objects include a penny lick, Punch and Judy puppets and of course a bucket and spade. Accompanied by full notes, photographs and teacher's pack.





Victorian washing items including a washboard, iron, kettle and tongs

Wash Day
Featuring a game and full teacher's notes. Items include washboard, iron, dolly tub and tongs.



[ Zoom ]
Toys including a doll, teddy bear and a whip and top

Toys from the Past
19th and 20th centuries. Original as well as replica objects are included. Featuring a whip and top, Diablo and various board games. Complete with background notes on the objects.




[ Zoom ]
World War Two objects including a tin helmet, armband, gas mask and ration card

World War II
Objects (including gas masks), slides, notes, newspapers, leaflets and other information on the Home Front. Includes a new video looking at the role of women and children.




A Stone Age arrow head

Stone Age

A diverse range of objects that explore how technology, domestic life, hunting and weaponry developed during the Stone Age.