December Family Fun: Raggy Wreaths!

On Saturday 15th December families got into the festive spirit by crafting their own raggy wreaths at Elmbridge Museum’s December Family Fun event.  

Making a raggy wreath 1.jpg

The tradition of making wreaths dates back thousands of years. They were used by the Romans to decorate houses for the festival of Saturnalia, which was celebrated in December to honour Saturn, the Roman god of farming. Romans would celebrate by feasting and giving gifts. Houses would be decorated with candles and wreaths of evergreen plants. As Christianity became the main religion in Rome, people began to celebrate Christmas instead of Saturnalia but they kept a lot of the traditions, including wreaths. 

Fabric rags replaced evergreen plants to create a modern version of a wreath in our workshop.

Raggy wreath - Jason Woolger Photo consent.jpg
The families who came along to the workshop used the materials to create beautifully individual wreaths.
Wreath - Ruby Pellet and Mia Tyler Photo consent.jpg