Objects in focus

  • Tudor Ointment Jar 'Ogilvy's' Apothecary Jar, Tudor period.Discover Ogilvy's Apothecary and find out how this small jar contained an essential to Tudor sickness and health.
  • Second World War Gas Rattle Second World War Gas RattleHow could an object which never fulfilled its purpose be so important to history?
  • Kellogg's Coco Krispies Cereal Packet kelloggs.jpgExamine how one of our favourite cereals appealed to buyers in the decades gone by
  • Compact Mirror Pygmalion Compact Mirror 1815Looking closer at the seemingly innocent image on this simple compact mirror reveals a darker picture
  • Long Tailed Tits long tailed tits.jpgExplore the world and works of the remarkable Rosemary Wren of Oxshott, and find out how her artistic family contributed to Elmbridge's creative history
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