Objects in focus

  • EH Kemble book object in focus.jpg Fanny Kemble's ApocryphaWhat can be uncovered about the famous Fanny Kemble from this little yet important book?
  • Roman Tile.jpg Roman Patterned TileThe Romans made sure to leave their mark on Elmbridge. Discover the past settlements which are buried beneath our feet here
  • long tailed tits.jpg Long Tailed TitsExplore the world and works of the remarkable Rosemary Wren of Oxshott, and find out how her artistic family contributed to Elmbridge's creative history
  • Eighteenth Century Silk Brocade Pompadour Shoes Silk Brocade Pompadour ShoesHow might a Georgian lady's uncomfortable footwear have made her 'desirable'?
  • struwwelpeter book.jpg English Struwwelpeter, and Swollen Headed William, children's booksHow did the imaginary antics and gruesome endings to troublemaking comic book characters influence the Victorians?Learn how our approach to children's literature has changed vastly over the centuries
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