Objects in focus

  • Long Tailed Tits long tailed tits.jpgExplore the world and works of the remarkable Rosemary Wren of Oxshott, and find out how her artistic family contributed to Elmbridge's creative history
  • Silk Brocade Pompadour Shoes Eighteenth Century Silk Brocade Pompadour ShoesHow might a Georgian lady's uncomfortable footwear have made her 'desirable'?
  • The Duchess' Pet The Duchess of Wellington's stuffed Maltese dogThe Duchess of Wellington ensured her pets could never be forgotten. Find out how here...
  • Anchor Stone Bricks Anchor Stone Bricks, c. late 1700s.How did Victorian children amuse themselves? Discover the long history of the educational game here
  • Fanny Kemble's Apocrypha EH Kemble book object in focus.jpgWhat can be uncovered about the famous Fanny Kemble from this little yet important book?
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