Flagging Up online exhibition

The UK-India Year of Culture

Throughout 2017, the UK and India engaged in a year of cultural exchange. Celebrating their rich histories, many major cultural institutions in the UK and India opened up their collections, digitizing objects and touring exhibitions so that the public could engage with worldwide history, both at home and from afar.

How DID Elmbridge Museum get involved?

Elmbridge Museum’s largest display space, in Esher’s Civic Centre, was home to a festival of colour. All things orange, white and green were on display, transforming the display case into the flag of India.

the display

India’s flag is steeped in culture and history. Officially hoisted for the first time in 1947, the three stripes represent:

Saffron – courage and sacrifice

White – peace and truth

Green – faith and chivalry

Aside from relaying the history and symbolism of the flag of India, Elmbridge Museum’s display probed the collection of a museum – what is collected and why. Many objects were on display for the first time in many years, displayed next to objects that, ordinarily, would have no relationship to each other. However, by placing artefacts by their colour, some interesting links between them were drawn. This diagram of the objects on display was part of a handout accompanying the exhibition. You can download the display handout here.

case with objects.jpg

OBJECT highlights

India Princess Alice slipper key object
India Sainsburys tile key object