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Discover the evolution of your local high street from the 1950s, 60s and 70s to the present day with our latest online exhibition

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The Effective Collections project is back!

Learn more about the collection and how we're working with other museums to make more objects accessible to the public. Read here about the background to the project and which objects will be transferred this month.

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A Day at the Races In this exhibition, we reveal the ups and downs in the stories of Sandown and Hurst Park, from their beginnings at the Starting Line, overcoming challenging Hurdles, and through to the Home Straight and Finishing Line in the modern day.

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Historic High Streets This exhibition follows on from Elmbridge at War by investigating the evolution of our much-loved local High Streets and primary shopping streets of Elmbridge from the 1950s, 60s and 70s up to the present day.

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Objects of Empire In this exhibition, we have taken 20 objects from our collection of over 40,000, using the research and commentary of expert historians to look at them from a new perspective – through the lens of the history of the British Empire. Why not give Walton Library a visit, and discover the forgotten connections between the vast Empire and our historic thoughts, homes and local landscapes?

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Look Back in Anger In this exhibition - part of our 'Diggers of Elmbridge' project - you will gain a glimpse into the root causes of a variety of local campaigns, and examine the war of words and defiant deeds of activists across the ages.

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Ethel Harting's watercolours Discover the vibrant botanical watercolours created by Ethel Harting, inspired by local flora and fauna.

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Tudor Ointment Jar Discover Ogilvy's Apothecary and find out how this small jar contained an essential to Tudor sickness and health.

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Oval Gold Locket What hidden tragedy lies inside this charming gold locket, owned by one of the best-know families in Elmbridge? Click here to discover its story.

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Silk Brocade Pompadour Shoes How might a Georgian lady's uncomfortable footwear have made her 'desirable'?

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Bring history to life in the classroom with our schools membership programme. We offer a wide range of resources designed to inspire your class to explore their local heritage. Discover our immersive outreach sessions, book a discovery box containing real museum objects, and take advantage of our free assembly service to find out what Elmbridge Museum could offer you today.

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Go right back to the beginnings of the borough with our Brief History of Elmbridge timeline. Here you can discover about early settlers and the development of the local area to to the place we know and love today.

For those who want to delve deeper, check out our Local Studies research service.

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