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Whether good or bad,
fresh or more distant,
almost everyone has memories
of their school days. Now, Museum
Volunteer Isabella investigates
just how much has changed
about schools throughout history
Explore Isabella's online exhibition

Our Latest Exhibition

Explore the work of our MA placement
student, Anita, who has completed
a project about the remarkable history
of our the local emergency services.
Her display is up at
Walton Library and online
Visit the online exhibition

Drawing Esher

Discover the landscapes
and characters of 19th
century Esher through
this array of fantastic
sketches by Victorian
illustrator, Robert Taylor
Visit the display

Latest news

Our Week with Elmbridge Museum

Work experience students James and Seb share their thoughts on spending a week with the museum team, visiting the collections store, researching local history with museum volunteers and planning an exhibition.

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What's On

Cobham Brewery Exploring the borough’s oldest pubs, drinking culture, and the historic former brewery in Cobham with the help of local historian David Taylor.

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Sickness & Health 2023 saw the 75th anniversary of the NHS – one of the most transformative developments in British social history. To mark this, we’re looking back on local sickness and health.

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The Milk Marketing Board An exploration of this significant local company's long history in Thames Ditton, 30 years on from its closure.

go to The Milk Marketing Board
Write On! From the letter-writing boom of the Victorian era to ambitious attempts to use computers to speed up our writing in the 1980s, this display draws a line from handwriting to computers and back again.

go to Write On!

The Diggers Project

Discover our ongoing work to investigate the historical story and international significance of the 17th century Surrey Diggers, a radical group during the English Civil War.

  • Follow our redeveloped Surrey Diggers Trail across the local area
  • Watch our five new Diggers Trail videos
  • Discover the suite of Diggers learning resources
  • Learn more by reading the blog series by our Academic in Residence


The Surrey Diggers Trail

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See what is happening in and around Elmbridge on our interactive map

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Objects in Focus

Elmbridge at Christmas Share your memories of celebrating Christmas in Elmbridge!

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Elmbridge at the Seaside Learn about seaside holidays of the past in Elmbridge through this Victorian card with a twist!

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Ethel Harting's watercolours Discover the vibrant botanical watercolours created by Ethel Harting, inspired by local flora and fauna.

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Tudor Ointment Jar Discover Ogilvy's Apothecary and find out how this small jar contained an essential to Tudor sickness and health.

go to Tudor Ointment Jar
Oval Gold Locket What hidden tragedy lies inside this charming gold locket, owned by one of the best-know families in Elmbridge? Click here to discover its story.

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Silk Brocade Pompadour Shoes How might a Georgian lady's uncomfortable footwear have made her 'desirable'?

go to Silk Brocade Pompadour Shoes

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Explore the collection of over 43,000 objects at your fingertips

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Schools membership

Bring history to life in the classroom with our schools membership programme. We offer a wide range of resources designed to inspire your class to explore their local heritage. Discover our immersive outreach sessions, book a discovery box containing real museum objects, and take advantage of our free assembly service to find out what Elmbridge Museum could offer you today.

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Explore your local history

Go right back to the beginnings of the borough with our Brief History of Elmbridge timeline. Here you can discover about early settlers and the development of the local area to to the place we know and love today.

For those who want to delve deeper, check out our Local Studies research service.

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