Women's History Month: The Good, the Bad and the Ordinary 11 March 2020
Elmbridge Museum is marking Women's History Month in March. But why do we bother doing it? Exactly whose stories does the month embrace? And how can we make it more inclusive?
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A Special Donation to Elmbridge Museum 10 December 2019
Working with the Portable Antiquities Scheme, based at the British Museum, Elmbridge Museum has acquired an exciting new find.
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Hidden Treasures of the Second World War 19 November 2019
We're giving everyone a key to our archives through the power of video. Discover our Second World War objects which have more to offer than meets the eye.

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Messages from World War One 9 January 2019
Find out more about our embroidered silk postcards collection and how they inspired students at a school in Weybridge.
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Daisy Dance and the Women's Land Army 31 October 2018
To celebrate the exhibition 'Women in WW1' at Cobham Library we present research into the Women's Land Army and local resident Daisy Dance.
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There's No Place Like Home 7 October 2017
We worked with a local museum to transfer objects from our costume collection where they can be enjoyed by residents in Dorking.
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