Radicalism, Civil War & Protest

The 17th Century Diggers in Elmbridge

Learn more about the Diggers on our Diggers Project page
Tue 5th July 2022
13.30pm - 14.30pm


Talk by Lívia Bernardes Roberge and Elmbridge Museum

In 1649, Cobham local Gerrard Winstanley led the Diggers in a radical act of protest. Together, they set up a commune on St. George’s Hill, digging the common land and defying the hierarchical systems which underpinned 17th Century life. The new Commonwealth government, born out of Civil War and led by Oliver Cromwell, was very worried. But what were the Diggers’ true aims? Why did they act when they did? And what was the government’s response? In this talk, Lívia will explore the strong connections between the Diggers and our local area, as well as demystifying the ideas surrounding their now world-famous occupation.

Lívia is currently studying for her PhD at the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil, and is working as a visiting researcher at the University of Sheffield while also acting as Elmbridge Museum’s Academic in Residence. There will be a short introduction by Elmbridge Museum about the new Elmbridge Diggers Trail.

This is an over 60s Silver and Gold Club Esher event. If you are interested in attending, please contact the club via their Facebook page or by emailing silvergoldclubesher@gmail.com.

The talk starts at 2pm.

Contact the club through their Facebook page here
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