Climate Change with Hinchley Wood Primary School

Wed 16th February 2022
00.00am - 00.00am

Dittons Library
Mercer Close

Thames Ditton

Climate change is affecting everyone: nationally and internationally, recent years have seen a heightened awareness for the key threats it poses and much campaigning for change.

Despite the global scale of this problem, it is on a local level that climate change is most keenly felt. World leaders, climate activists and scientists agree that changing our everyday habits is an important first-step towards tackling the climate crisis.

Year 6 at Hinchley Wood Primary School have used items in Elmbridge Museum’s collection to learn about how climate change is affecting local life. By studying historic evidence of extreme weather, transport and green space, the students have compared our local environment ‘then’ and ‘now’. The result is 83 fantastic posters, which answer the key question:

“Why does climate change matter?”

All of the posters can be viewed in the Climate Change online exhibition on Elmbridge Museum’s website.

The display can be viewed during Dittons Library’s open hours. Click here to see these on the Surrey Libraries website.

Explore the Climate Change online exhibition
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