Literary Elmbridge

Thu 25th November 2021 -
Mon 6th June 2022

Walton Library
54 The Heart (off Hepworth Way)

KT12 1GH

Literary culture exhibits itself in almost every aspect of our modern lives: from reading a romantic novel or writing a friend’s birthday card, to teaching our children about the world or keeping up to date on the news of the day.

Over the years, Elmbridge has been the birthplace of a host of famous authors and the inspiration to many a classic novel. There is no doubt that literary culture permeated the  lives of our forebears as much as it influences us today. Because of this, surviving historic literature provides a vital link to Elmbridge’s past.

In this exhibition, launched alongside the RC Sherriff Trust’s Literary Competition, we explore what the historic, practical and personal literature in Elmbridge Museum’s collection reveals about the time in which it was written, as well as delving into the theme for this year’s competition: ‘Enigma’. Why not submit your own literary entry through our online exhibition?

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