The Royal Jubilee

70 Years of Queen Elizabeth II

Thu 9th June 2022
13.00pm - 12.00pm

Elmbridge Xcel Leisure Complex
Waterside Drive

KT12 2JG

In June 1953, families, friends and neighbours gathered around their television sets in anticipation, to watch the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Widespread celebration took place across our local area, with a whole programme of special film screenings, street parties, pageants and parades. A colourful array of Union Jack adorned decorations and memorabilia were produced to accompany them. Just over a year earlier, in February 1952, the sudden death of Elizabeth’s father King George VI had seen the 25 year old accede to the throne.

Now, in her Platinum Jubilee year, we use objects in Elmbridge Museum’s collection to look back at the time of her crowning and the many Jubilees she has since celebrated.

The display can be viewed during Xcel Leisure Centre’s opening hours. Click here to see these on the Places Leisure website.

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