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Lívia Bernardes RobergeLívia Bernardes Roberge

Our Academic in Residence

Lívia Bernardes Roberge

Elmbridge Museum’s new Academic in Residence, Lívia Bernardes Roberge, is using her specialist expertise on the Digger Movement to produce a series of blogs and a new suite of children’s worksheets which explore important aspects of the story in more detail.

Currently studying for her PhD at the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil and working as a visiting researcher at the University of Sheffield, Lívia is developing fresh research into the Diggers. She is interested in cultural history and the history of political thought, particularly on the subject of representations and identity formation in Early Modern Britain.

Learn more about Lívia's work as our Academic in Residence here

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In each blog, Lívia uses her cutting-edge research to explore the local Diggers in more detail, investigating how their ideas and challenges can link back to us today. New blogs published monthly.

About the Academic in Residence Find out more about the work and research of Lívia Bernardes Roberge, our current Academic in Residence, including how she came to study the Diggers and why she thinks the group is so important within an international historical setting.

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1. Gerrard Winstanley and the impact of the Civil Wars on the lives of common people The first in our Academic in Residence blogs, looking in more detail at Digger leader Gerrard Winstanley and how he was affected by the English Civil War.

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2. From pamphlet wars to Twitter wars: print and opinion in seventeenth century England Investigate the development of the printing press, and the repercussions this had for Early Modern society - including emerging radical groups - during the Civil War.

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4. Identity matters: the story of how the diggers became the Diggers Discover how the Diggers came to gain their name, and acquired their own unique identity amid the 17th century political landscape.

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5. The aftermath of the St George’s Hill occupation: The Diggers and the locals' reaction We look at how the inhabitants of local communities reacted to the occupation of St George’s Hill, and the many perils that the Diggers faced.

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3. Seventeenth century squatters? The Diggers and the occupation of St. George’s Hill Learn about the motivations behind the Diggers' occupation of St. George's Hill in 1649, and explore some modern comparisons.

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New blog!

Launching soon

In blog 6, Lívia will explore the Diggers' move to Little Heath

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