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Cobham Brewery
Cobham Library, The Cedar Centre, KT11 3AE
Jul 2023 - Apr 2024 Exploring the borough’s oldest pubs, drinking culture, and the historic former brewery in Cobham with the help of local historian David Taylor.

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Write On!
Elmbridge Xcel Leisure Complex, Waterside Drive, KT12 2JG
Jul 2023 - Apr 2024 From the letter-writing boom of the Victorian era to ambitious attempts to use computers to speed up our writing in the 1980s, this display draws a line from handwriting to computers and back again.

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Sickness & Health
Civic Centre, 1 High Street, KT10 9SD
Nov 2023 - May 2024 2023 saw the 75th anniversary of the NHS – one of the most transformative developments in British social history. To mark this, we’re looking back on local sickness and health.

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The Milk Marketing Board
Dittons Library, Mercer Close, KT7 0BS
Feb 2024 - Oct 2024 An exploration of this significant local company's long history in Thames Ditton, 30 years on from its closure.

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Suffrage to Sisterhood
Walton Library, 54 The Heart (off Hepworth Way), KT12 1GH
Mar 2024 - Sep 2024 In 1928, women were finally granted universal suffrage, meaning any woman over the age of 21 could vote - the same terms as men. But what did women do after the vote was won?
In this display, we're collaborating with the W.I to uncover the remarkable history of women's groups who worked tirelessly to advance female rights.

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Earth Day - Flower Power
Haslemere Museum, 78 High Street, GU27 2LA
Sat 20th April 2024
10.00am - 16.00pm
As part of this year's Earth Day celebration, come and join the Elmbridge Museum staff as we investigate Ethel Harting's botanical watercolours. We will look at her connection to Elmbridge Museum, examine her fantastic watercolours of local plants and flowers and then try and reproduce our own.

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