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At Elmbridge Museum we have been busy putting together worksheets and activities for you to enjoy at home. Inspired by our exhibitions and items from our collection, these resources have been designed to bring people and places from the local area to life!

Our worksheets are packed full of fun educational activities and accompanied by crafts for the whole family to enjoy. Our craft activities use everyday items from around the home, so no need to stock up on items from the art store! 

Whether you are looking for extra resources for kids studying at home or some fun creative tasks to keep the family busy, there is something here for you!  

We will be updating our page with new resources, so keep checking back for new activities!  


Gold, silver and bronze medal.png

We have designed our worksheets to be suitable for a range of ages. To help you work out which one is best for you we have used bronze, silver and gold medals to show the level of difficulty.

Bronze medal - For early readers. Lots of drawing and colouring exercises with some short writing tasks.

Silver medal - Plenty of fun exercises and creative activities with more challenging reading passages.

Gold medal - Packed full of interesting facts and creative writing challenges, these worksheets are perfect for confident readers and writers.



oral histories image.png


At the museum we have been busy gathering oral histories from the Second World War to help us with our VE Day Celebrations.

Discover what oral histories are and learn how to make your own with this wonderful worksheet!

 How to make your own Oral History!

Victorian photograph of three dogs wearing hats

The Victorians

The arrival of the railway in Elmbridge during the Victorian period brought about huge changes in the local area and we are lucky to have lots of amazing objects from this period in our museum. 

Try our worksheets to learn all about Victorian pastimes, the clothes they wore and the hidden history of servants. Then get creative making Punch and Judy puppets or designing your own Victorian hat!


A young victorian girl in a garden with her pet dogs

Victorian entertainment

Get to know Antonia, a young girl who lived in Surrey during the Victorian period. Explore her house and find out what she used to do fun! Follow Antonia and her family as they enjoy a boat trip on the river and discover some unusual objects found at the Victorian seaside.

This worksheet brings to life an incredible set of family photographs from our collection. Packed full of creative activities and challenges, it is a lovely way to explore the differences and similarities between childhood today and in Victorian times.

What did the Victorians do for fun?


A brooch with a picture of Queen Victoria

What clothes did the Victorians wear?

Just like today, Victorian men and women wanted to look their best, but the clothes they wore were very different to the ones we wear now. This worksheet will introduce you to fabulous Victorian fashion trends and some very confusing clothes!

See if you can guess the original uses of some weird and wonderful Victorian accessories. Find out why Victorian fashions changed so quickly, and design your own Victorian outfit!

The Victorians and their confusing clothes!



A photograph of a group of servants

Discover the hidden history of Victorian servants

We have lots of information about the grand Victorian estates that used to be in Elmbridge, but what about the people who worked there? Join us as we use items from our collection to piece together the secret lives of servants.

Get a glimpse of life behind the scenes at one of Elmbridge's largest Victorian manors, Hatchford House. Examine items from our collection to discover how hard servants had to work and learn about the role children played in the Victorian workforce. Could you have survived life as a Victorian servant?

The hidden history of Victorian servants



A picture of the top hat and Punch and Judy crafts.

Get crafty with our Victorian themed Activities!

Bring history to life from the comfort of your own home with some exciting museum crafts!

Make your own Punch and Judy Puppets

Make your own Victorian hat

Make your own terrific top hat!




Oatlands palace 2.png

The Tudors

Tudor Elmbridge was very different to the Elmbridge we know today. Where we have cosy houses and bustling streets there were once rolling hills dotted with grand palaces, just like the one above!

Take a look at our worksheets to discover more about these royal residences and what life was like for the people who lived there. Recreate Tudor Elmbridge by making sweet smelling pomanders to banish foul smells and designing tasty Tudor sweets fit for a banquet!


Oatlands palace.png

Learn all about Elmbridge's own royal palace

We've all heard of Hampton Court Palace, but did you know that there used to be a grand Tudor palace right here in Elmbridge? 

King Henry VIII built another palace by the River Thames. It was called Oatlands Palace and it wasn't far from your front door!

Find out where the palace was, what it looked like and even learn a bit about the King who lived there! Discover some terrific tiles that used to be in the palace and have a go at drawing your own!

Henry's Perfect Palace


An image of a sealed envelope. This is a silver level activity.

A royal invitation!

You have been invited to a prestigious royal party, but by who? Click here to find out!

Learn what life was like as a member of the royal court, discover what to expect at a fantastic Tudor feast and even secure a meeting with our mystery monarch...

A Royal Invitation




Image of marzipan and pomander crafts


Create your own pomander to banish bad smells and even create some tempting Tudor treats!

Tudor colouring sheets

Make your own pomander

Make your own Tudor sweets!



peackock mosaic.png

The Romans

Nearly two thousand years ago the people of Elmbridge were about to hear some troubling news. A large army had landed on the south coast and were heading in their direction! People in Cobham may even have seen soldiers marching by on their way to the River Thames. The Romans had arrived in Britain, and they didn't plan on leaving any time soon!

Take a look at our worksheets to find out what life was like for Roman children living in Britain and discover how archaeologists can help us learn about Elmbridge's Roman past. Transform your house into a Roman villa with our super easy mosaic craft and learn how to wear a toga!

Roman toys worksheet picture. Bronze level activity

Take a look inside a Roman Toy box!

Meet Marcus, a boy from a Roman family who grew up in Elmbridge. Find out what Marcus' favourite toys are and see if you recognise any of them from your own toy box! Follow him on his adventures into the countryside and have a go at creating your own games using objects you find on your walks.

 Roman Toys





Roman excavation. Gold level worksheet

Discover the secrets of roman cobham

Put your detective hat on and help a team of archaeologists uncover the history behind a mysterious Roman building in Cobham.

 Digging into history





Image of the Roman tile craft

Bring Roman elmbridge to life!

Once you have completed our worksheets why not have a go at these quick and easy crafts?

Make your own Roman mosaic

Make your own Roman brooch

How to wear a toga



Image from Pipes of Pan.png


Our collection is full of amazing works of art that have been created by people living in and around Elmbridge throughout the years. These worksheets will introduce you to some of the artists who have found inspiration in the local area, from talented painters to the pioneers of the film age! 

Painting a portrait of Elmbridge worksheet image.png

Painting a portrait of elmbridge

Take a tour through Elmbridge's artistic past with this activity filled worksheet. Use the museum's varied art collection to think about why and how art is made, and have a go at creating your very own works of art!

Painting a portrait of Elmbridge

Cecil Hepworth Worksheet image.png

Lights! camera! action!

Did you know that Walton-on-Thames was once at the heart of the British film industry? Follow the story of Cecil Hepworth, one of the world's first film directors, as he navigates the early years of his film making career. Find out how film cameras actually worked and see if you can figure out the surprising secrets behind the world's first special effects!

Elmbridge in film!

The First Artists worksheet image.png

The first artists

Discover Elmbridge's prehistoric past and have a go at creating your own wonderful works of art! 

The first artists