What's on

FAMILY programme

Elmbridge Museum runs 'Museum Explorers', a club for enthusiastic young historians, aged 7-11 and their families. We will also be running two free, drop-in craft workshops this year, as well as sessions at the Shout! holiday scheme and Play Day.


Temporary exhibitions

We are expanding our temporary display programme as we continue to take our collection out into the community.

We currently have five temporary exhibitions around the Borough:

  • The Wrens of Oxshott

  • The Devil's in the Detail

  • Come Fly with Me

  • An Advertising Evolution

  • Moving Art


the wrens of oxshott

Brooklands College,
Heath Road, Weybridge KT13 8TT

February 2019 - January 2020

long tailed tits.jpg

 ‘The Wrens of Oxshott’ exhibition looks at the works of two generations of potters who lived and worked in Oxshott: Denise Wren and her daughter, Rosemary. The display explores the production of the Wrens’ ceramics and the finished products, touching also on family life.

Founded in 1920 by Denise and Henry Wren, the Oxshott Pottery became one of the most celebrated potteries in England, with pieces produced there now on display in the V&A and other national museums. 


View the online exhibition  or see the Brooklands College website for opening times. 

the devil's in the detail

Dittons Library,
Mercer Close, Thames Ditton, Surrey , KT7 0BS

September 2019 - February 2020

brocade shoe.jpg

This selection of items demonstrates how detail can be used to make things look and feel more luxurious. Floral patterns, embroidery, embellishment, engraving and inlaid materials create beautiful designs that make ordinary objects look extravagant and luxurious.

Stunning shoes, fans, boxes, brooches, and a parasol help to illustrate the desirability of detail and show how everyday items have been glamourized for hundreds of years.

Originally designed for Brooklands College students, this impressive exhibition is being repeated for our audience at Dittons Library.


See the Dittons Library website for opening times.


Come fly with me

Walton Library
54 The Heart, Walton-on-Thames, KT12 1GH

October 2019 - March 2020


Think our Elmbridge skies are dominated by aircraft alone?  Think again!

Long before airplanes took off, Elmbridge had plenty of smaller airborne inhabitants.  At Elmbridge Museum, we’re showcasing flight through our natural history collection. See old and beautiful birds, butterflies and moths up close and personal.  There’s even a chance to discover where you can find some of these species for yourself within our commons, parks and green spaces!


See the Walton Library website for opening times.

an advertising evolution

Cobham Library,
Cedar Road, Cobham, KT11 2AE 

September 2019 - February 2020

Light Sweep Resized.jpg

Kellogg’s, Cadbury, Colman’s, Oxo and Heinz: what makes us add branded products to our baskets? Go back in time to the supermarket shelves of the past with ‘An Advertising Evolution’, an exhibition about product design, branding and marketing.

See which products have lasted and which have disappeared through evolving tastes, technologies, and fashions. This display might challenge your perceptions about the products and brands you trust!

What catches your eye on our shelves?


See the Cobham Library website for opening times.  



Elmbridge Civic Centre,
High Street, Esher, KT10 9SD

September 2019 - January 2020

moving art website.jpg

We are pleased to host works by local artists, which form part of the ever growing history of our community.

Elmbridge Moving Art is a community arts exhibition, showcasing the pieces of  visual artists who live or work in our Borough.
The project is a partnership between the Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre, the RC Sherriff Trust and Elmbridge Borough Council.

Elmbridge Borough Council's Arts Development seeks to support local art organisations, and to present art-based activities that provide opportunities to improve the physical and mental health of people who live and work in Elmbridge through engaging with art.


See the Civic Centre website for opening times.