• Commemorating VJ Day: 75 Years OnTo mark the anniversary of V.J Day, Councillor Vicki Macleod has written an account of the experiences of her father, Norman Edward Richardson - a Naval Air Gunner who served in the Pacific War against Japan. Click here to find out about Norman's remarkable Second World War career and listen to Elmbridge Museum's latest oral histories which recollect V.E Day, V.J Day, and the aftermath of the war. 13/08/2020
  • Museum From Home: Seeing Everyday Objects Through New EyesIn this blog the museum team celebrate the everyday by taking a fresh look at household objects which have taken on a new meaning during the Covid-19 lockdown. 15/06/2020
  • Life as a Learning and Outreach Officer at Elmbridge MuseumAn insight into what life is like as the Learning and Outreach Officer at Elmbridge Museum! Find out what goes on goes on behind the scenes at the museum and discover some of the best, and most unexpected, parts of the role! 02/04/2020
  • Women's History Month: The Good, the Bad and the OrdinaryElmbridge Museum is marking Women's History Month in March. But why do we bother doing it? Exactly whose stories does the month embrace? And how can we make it more inclusive? 11/03/2020
  • A special donation to Elmbridge MuseumWorking with the Portable Antiquities Scheme, based at the British Museum, Elmbridge Museum has acquired an exciting new find. 10/12/2019
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