Discovery Boxes

Bring the museum into your classroom with our mobile discovery boxes!

Our discovery boxes include real and replica objects as well as detailed notes to help you get the most out of your loan. Designed to complement the school curriculum, they are a fantastic way to bring learning to life in the classroom. Each box explores the links between the objects and the local area, perfect for community groups looking to get hands on with history!

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  • How much does it cost to hire a discovery box?
  • Do I need to be a member to hire a discovery box?
  • How long can you hire a discovery box for?
  • How do I collect my discovery box?

How much does it cost to hire a discovery box?

Our discovery boxes are £25 for a two week loan.

If you have an Elmbridge Museum school membership you can book up to 5 discovery boxes for free as part of your membership.

Booking a box is quick and easy to do. Simply head to our booking page and fill out an online form. A member of our friendly learning team will be in touch to arrange your booking!

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Do I need to be a member to hire a discovery box?

You do not have to be part of our school membership programme to book one of our discovery boxes. Whether you are a school, youth group or local history society, let us know if you would like to use one of our discovery boxes and we will be happy to help.

If you are a school based in Elmbridge you might want to take a look at our membership offer. You can book up to five discovery boxes as part of your membership and can even get them delivered straight to your school! Take a look at our school membership page to find out more.

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How long can you hire a discovery box for?

The standard loan for our discovery boxes is two weeks.

How do I collect my discovery box?

If you have an Elmbridge Museum school membership your discovery box will be delivered to and collected from your school by a member of the museum team.

If your school is not a member, or you are booking on behalf of an organisation, you can arrange to collect your discovery box from the Elmbridge Borough Council Civic Centre at a time that is convenient to you.

Full address:

Elmbridge Borough Council, High Street, Esher, KT10 9SD

Explore our full range of discovery boxes

An excellent resource showing original objects and replicas from the Roman era. Featuring amongst many items, a toga, mortarium, a gladiator glass beaker and oil lamp!

Stone Age
This diverse range of objects will help you explore how technology, domestic life, hunting and weaponry developed during the Stone Age.

This box is packed with artefacts relating to Tudor life and Henry VIII's Oatlands Palace, a magnificent palace that used to stand right here in Elmbridge!

Victorian Costume
A rare chance for pupils to handle and try on genuine Victorian accessories and items of clothing. Objects include a gentleman's removable collar, gloves, a jet mourning necklace and a hat pin.

Victorian Domestic
Get an insight into what life was like in the Victorian era through this range of household items. Includes objects such as weighing scales, a knife cleaner and stoneware hot-water bottle.

First World War
Themed around items in a soldier's kitbag, this box gives a glimpse of what life was like in the trenches!

Second World War
Learn more about life on the home front with this incredible box of resources. It contains ration books and recipes, shrapnel, an Air Raid Warden's helmet and a child's gas mask!

Seaside Holidays of the Past
All the fun of seaside holidays of the past. Handling objects include a penny lick, Punch and Judy puppets and of course a bucket and spade.

Toys from the Past
This box includes an exciting collection of toys ranging from the Tudor period to the present day. Featuring a spinning top and flick books, dolls and toy cars, there’s plenty of original and replica objects to explore.

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