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Our collection of over 40,000 objects tells the story of the borough throughout the past 15,000 years. The collection consists of a wide range of material including archaeology, art, costume, geology, natural history, numismatics, photography and social history.

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Check out some of our most recent objects below.

Compact Mirror

go to Compact Mirror
Ethel Harting's watercolours

go to Ethel Harting's watercolours
Oval Gold Locket

go to Oval Gold Locket
Robert Taylor Pritchett sketch

go to Robert Taylor Pritchett sketch
Fanny Kemble's Apocrypha

go to Fanny Kemble's Apocrypha
The Duchess' Pet

go to The Duchess' Pet
Silk Brocade Pompadour Shoes

go to Silk Brocade Pompadour Shoes
The Duchess of York's Dog Collar

go to The Duchess of York's Dog Collar
National Registration Act card

go to National Registration Act card
White Suede Gloves

go to White Suede Gloves
Surgical Spectacles

go to Surgical Spectacles
Tudor Ointment Jar

go to Tudor Ointment Jar
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