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Our collection of over 40,000 objects tells the story of the borough throughout the past 15,000 years. The collection consists of a wide range of material including archaeology, art, costume, geology, natural history, numismatics, photography and social history.

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Compact Mirror

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Ethel Harting's watercolours

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Oval Gold Locket

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Robert Taylor Pritchett sketch

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Fanny Kemble's Apocrypha

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The Duchess' Pet

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Silk Brocade Pompadour Shoes

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The Duchess of York's Dog Collar

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National Registration Act card

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White Suede Gloves

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Surgical Spectacles

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Tudor Ointment Jar

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Archaeology Objects dating from the Palaeolithic to the 19th century and excavation archives relating to specific sites within the borough including Oatlands Place, Hurst Park and the Roman baths at Cobham.

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Costume This group comprises underwear, dresses, nightwear, jackets, shirts, shoes, hats and gloves. It includes major collections with a connection to the borough including families from Weybridge and Walton.

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Domestic This collection consists of typical every day items dating from the late 19th century onwards. Items of particular significance relate to the Gill family, R.C. Sherriff, Portmore House, Mount Felix and the Newman family.

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Education This material covers age-ranges from pre-school and nursery to sixth form and technical colleges and includes photographs, books, magic lantern slides, documents and classroom equipment.

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Geology A mixed collection of British and local fossils. Objects are predominantly categorised under palaeontology (including fossils, bones and teeth), mineralogy and petrology.

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Local History Primarily photographs and artwork depicting the development of the borough throughout the centuries.

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Natural History This collection comprises birds eggs, a small collection of taxidermy animals from Ashley Park, moths and butterflies from the Weybridge area, along with prints, watercolours and associated reference books.

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Numismatics A small collection of coins dating from the late Iron Age onwards and a number of war medals of local significance.

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Personal Personal items mainly dating from the 19th century onwards including spectacles, hair accessories, jewellery, toiletries, luggage and watches.

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Rural Life This collection consists of a range of traps, animal feeders, horse harnesses and handheld tools associated with farming and allotments, representing the long and often forgotten rural history of Elmbridge.

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Services Objects relating to local government and public services including healthcare, police, fire brigade, railways, utilities and civil defence. This collection primarily consists of documents and photographs.

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Social History A large collection consisting of a wide range of items depicting how people lived in the past. This classification includes photographs, greetings cards, religious items, pastimes and objects relating to significant events which impacted the local area, such as World War Two.

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Trades Objects which represent significant local trades including Hadley Spectacle Factory, The Amalgamated Dental Factory Works, Thames Ditton Bronze Foundry, Hepworth Studios and Gridley Miskin timber merchants.

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