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At Elmbridge Museum we have been busy putting together worksheets and activities for you to enjoy at home. Inspired by our exhibitions and items from our collection, these resources have been designed to bring people and places from the local area to life.

Our worksheets are packed full of fun educational activities and accompanied by crafts for the whole family to enjoy. Our craft activities use everyday items from around the home, so no need to stock up on items from the art store!

Whether you are looking for extra resources for kids studying at home or some fun creative tasks to keep the family busy, there is something here for you.

Oral History Activity
At the museum we have been busy gathering oral histories from the Second World War to help us with our VE Day Celebrations. Discover what oral histories are and learn how to make your own with this wonderful worksheet!

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The Victorians

45.1982.15 Image of three dogs in bonnets, The Beeches, Oatlands Drive, Weybridge

The arrival of the railway in Elmbridge during the Victorian period brought about huge changes in the local area and we are lucky to have lots of amazing objects from this period in our museum.

Try our worksheets to learn all about Victorian pastimes, the clothes they wore and the hidden history of servants.

Victorian Entertainment
This worksheet brings to life an incredible set of family photographs from our collection. Packed full of creative activities and challenges, it is a lovely way to explore the differences and similarities between childhood today and in Victorian times.

View Victorian Entertainment
What clothes did the Victorians wear?
Just like today, Victorian men and women wanted to look their best, but the clothes they wore were very different to the ones we wear now. This worksheet will introduce you to fabulous Victorian fashion trends and some very confusing clothes!

View What clothes did the Victorians wear?
The hidden history of Victorian servants
We have lots of information about the grand Victorian estates that used to be in Elmbridge, but what about the people who worked there? Join us as we use items from our collection to piece together the secret lives of servants.

View The hidden history of Victorian servants

The Tudors

Watercolour copy of Antonio Van Wyngaerd's drawing of Oatlands Palace, 1559. The original is in the British Museum.

Tudor Elmbridge was very different to the Elmbridge we know today. Where we have cosy houses and bustling streets there were once rolling hills dotted with grand palaces, just like the one above!

Take a look at our worksheets to discover more about these royal residences and what life was like for the people who lived there!

Learn all about Elmbridge's own Royal Palace!
We've all heard of Hampton Court Palace, but did you know that there used to be a grand Tudor palace right here in Elmbridge?

View Learn all about Elmbridge's own Royal Palace!
A Royal Invitation!
You have been invited to a prestigious royal party, but by who? Click here to find out!

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Cecil Hepworth and the development of film

146.1973 31 Image from Hepworth film Alice In Wonderland

One of cinema’s earliest pioneers, Cecil Hepworth, was based right here in Walton-on-Thames. His studios opened in 1899 and went on to produce a large number of films which starred famous faces such as Alma Taylor and Chrissie White alongside Hepworth’s own family and their dog Blair. In 1903 Hepworth created the first ever film adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s famous children’s novel ‘Alice in Wonderland’ which featured local children dressed as playing cards.

Check out these worksheets to find out more about the development of film and create your own ‘Rescued by Rover’ inspired puppet.

Elmbridge in Film
Find out about how some of the very first films were developed on our doorstep at the Hepworth Studios in Walton-on-Thames. Cecil Hepworth produced a large number of films including the first adaptation of 'Alice in Wonderland'.

View Elmbridge in Film
Rescued by Rover Puppet Guidelines
Create your very own 'Rescued by Rover' puppet using these simple instructions. This short film was one of Cecil Hepworth's best-selling films and it was so popular that the original negatives wore out twice!

View Rescued by Rover Puppet Guidelines
Rescued by Rover Puppet Template
Print out this template to make your very own 'Rescued by Rover' puppet starring Cecil Hepworth's family dog Blair, one of the first animal film stars!

View Rescued by Rover Puppet Template

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