Suffrage to Sisterhood

Elmbridge Women Beyond the Vote

Tue 19th March 2024 - Thu 19th September 2024

Walton Library
54 The Heart (off Hepworth Way)

KT12 1GH

Elmbridge Museum are showcasing the remarkable history of women in our community. Through the items, photographs, and documents on display, we explore the experiences of local female pioneers, who worked hard to advance female rights, from the fight for the vote to the years beyond.

But this display isn’t just about the past – it’s a celebration of the present too. Discover the impact of the Women’s Institute (W.I.) across Surrey as they continue to champion women’s rights through modern campaigns and projects, through items they have kindly loaned.

The display can be viewed during Walton Library’s open hours. Click here to see these on the Surrey Libraries website.

See the 'Votes for Women!' online exhibition here
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