Historical Talk: Suffrage to Sisterhood

Tue 27th August 2024
17.30pm - 18.30pm

Walton Library
54 The Heart (off Hepworth Way)

KT12 1GH

An Elmbridge Museum talk to accompany the Suffrage to Sisterhood exhibition on display at Walton Library.

Everyone’s heard of the Suffragettes, but what happened to them after women got the vote?

This talk will use Elmbridge Museum collection items to explore the sometimes violent fight for the vote in Elmbridge, outlining the famous suffrage protest events which happened locally and the women behind them. Partial franchise was finally granted to some women in 1918, but the talk won’t end there. It will attempt to answer the questions:

What happened to women after 1918? How did the millions of excluded women finally get their vote? And how did local women continue to organise themselves in the years after the vote was won?

Come along to this free talk to hear the little-explored sequel to the suffrage story.

The talk will include a chance to see an incredibly rare, original Women’s Co-operative Guild banner up-close. The banner was hand-made in the 1930s.

The talk ties in with a current Suffrage to Sisterhood display at Walton Library and will explore the items on display in more detail.

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