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'Broken Blues II' © Pilita Bryant, 2022'Broken Blues II' © Pilita Bryant, 2022

Making Moving Art

Elmbridge Moving Art is a community arts exhibition run by Elmbridge Borough Council Arts Development and The R.C Sherriff Trust. In 2022, the project was resumed after a three year break, and initially launched at the Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre in Walton, showcasing the work of more than 80 local artists.

Artists aged 15+ were invited to submit one or more pieces of art for consideration. The final results, covering various genres and a wide range of media, are an outstanding testament to the standard of art in the borough.

As a continuation of the original exhibition at the Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre, Elmbridge Museum, Elmbridge Borough Council Arts Development and Killik & Co. displayed over 40 of the artworks across their respective venues. Explore some of the fantastic and varied pieces in this online exhibition.

Find out about all the artists who took part

'Scenic Experience 2' by Stewart Phillips - oil I am a retired interior designer cruise ship architect, and now a professional artist. I specialise in geometric architectural slant, principally abstract, and more recently with play on colour and relationships.

'Hey!' by Jane Bissix - acrylic on board My paintings depict abstract urban scenes, often dystopian and showing the impact of man, be it graffiti, derelict buildings or internal decoration. I often choose to add a bird because of their fragility and incongruency with the surroundings. I work in acrylic and oil paint which often has collage elements, luminous paint colours, and print. I am exploring this subject because I am deeply affected by the pressure the population puts on nature and the environmental challenges our fragile world is facing.

'Creeping Menace' by Kim Hurse - acrylic I am a returning artist from the Moving Art exhibition of 2019. This is a bold piece in heavy acrylic - highlighting the delicate balance of man’s use of the ocean and plastic waste entering our own food chain. The foreground is busy while the background marks are loose and foreboding.

'Fountain Play' by Geraldine Dahlke-Fox - pen and watercolour While the adults watched the air show at St. Helier, Jersey, C.I., the bored children were left to play by themselves. They invented ways to enjoy the water spouts with such innocence and pleasure. Then the older, teenage boys, arrived...

'Fish Supper' by Janet McDonagh - mixed mediums including alcohol inks, acrylics and oil on canvas I am a mixed media and textile artist living close to the River Thames. I am never short of inspiration found in my local surroundings and often attend workshops, textile classes and art classes. At present my art is my indulgent hobby and I can often be found locally sketching and painting en plen air.

'Emerge' by Silke Espinet - enamel, pearls, turquoise, hematite, rubies, labradorite, rock crystal, glass beads, organic electroformed cactus flower, copper, silver, gold plated clasp I am a jewellery artist who graduated from London Metropolitan University in 2012 with a Foundation Degree in Design, Jewellery and Silversmithing. During the Covid lockdowns, I took some online classes and developed a completely new body of work. I electro form organic materials like flowers, shells, precious and semi-precious stones in copper, and sometimes combine them with enamelled pieces. I am a big advocate of sustainable practices and buy my stones from reputable sources.

'Sea Turtle' by Don Anderson - oil on board I have been painting all my life and I delight in finding unusual subjects. I am always happy to show people around my home, the walls of which are crammed with my work, by appointment.

'Aberdeenshire Farm' by Susan Simpson - acrylic I have lived in Walton for over 50 years and attended many local authority art classes. I enjoy painting landscapes and still life in watercolour and acrylic. I am an enthusiastic member of Walton Art Club.

'Some pieces have obvious messages, others are more up for interpretation, but all the pieces have a personal story.'

Sarah Simonds-Gooding, contributing artist

'She Keeps Her Own Counsel' by Carolyn Palmer - mixed media including pastel, pencil, coloured pencil, ink and watercolour I have had a love of drawing and painting since childhood and am a member of Molesey Art Society. I also love to craft and to work with wood. I work with mixed media of all kinds (and have even been known to use lipstick and nail varnish before now!) I especially enjoy working with ink, pastel, coloured pencil and watercolour. The inspiration for this piece came from the idea that to keep a part of ourselves to ourselves, can be as much a gift as it may be considered otherwise. A little mystique is always worthwhile!

'Mixed Fruit' by Stuart Baker - oil on linen This painting is oil paint on linen, because linen is finer than canvas it allows me to achieve such a level of detail.

'Between the Tides - Pagham Harbour' by Joy Martin - acrylic I very much enjoy painting landscapes of wild places, mostly using acrylic and occasionally I will include mixed media. Most of my paintings start with a watercolour sketch on site in order to experience the unique atmosphere of that particular place first hand. I try to capture this feeling in the finished painting.

'Peacock Patterns 1' by Sarah Rawlins - acrylic on canvas I am inspired by the beauty of the colours and shapes found within the natural world. My aim is to combine vibrant colours and magical patterns, mixing realism with the abstract, to produce an intrinsically powerful visual impact on the viewer.

Find out more about Sarah's creative journey in her blog piece
'Silenced' by Sarah Simonds-Gooding - mixed media Most of my work is based around pattern and order, to try and make sense of the muddle that is often real life. With pattern comes harmony. I look for patterns in everything and the majority of my work is built up around this premise. I create mini pieces which I then collate together to create something which is hopefully more than the sum of its parts. Some pieces have obvious messages, others are more up for interpretation, but all the pieces have a personal story or emotion behind them which I hope will connect with the observer.

'Apple Eaters' by Klara Smith - solar plate This is an original hand-pulled print with hand coloured details, capturing the playful, cheeky little cherubs / monsters who care passionately about only one thing - apples.

'Sunbather' by Claire Grahame - dressed marble resin I am best known for my striking figurative sculptures of the body in pose. The sculptures are modelled in clay, kiln fired and a marble resin mould created. These moulds are either bronze-dipped for the traditional sculpture style or decoupaged for her own unique modernistic styling. Within the decoupaging, I use a variety of materials and techniques to enhance the final distinctive designs. Whilst representational of the body in pose, my work is created from emotional feelings which result in highly evocative and exciting pieces.

'Flamboyancy' by Pam Francis - oil on canvas Since joining the Rosebriars Art Group 11 years ago, I have explored and enjoyed many new techniques. For this painting I have used water mixable oils, which I discovered during lockdown.

'I am deeply affected by the pressure the population puts on nature and the environmental challenges our fragile world is facing.'

Jane Bissix, contributing artist

'African Buffalo' by Matthew Jurgensen - pencil I am passionate about wildlife and particularly the conservation of African animals and wildlife areas, I hope to make a difference protecting these areas and animals in the future through my art.

'Bio Quantum Life Meme Time' by Michael J. Bailey - photoshop printed on aluminium Consciousness has a Bio Quantum dimension. Many-layered poetry and multiple images racing at the speed of light. A seemingly random creation open to multiple interpretations. Vision and verb exist in a dark energy that flings us to the extremity of the known universe. Human life itself is a result of indeterminate and specific bizarre events in a tenuously connected universe. Ethical judgement is a step beyond this equivocation. Human emotion and logic sit on a web we have invented to guide us. Power channelled in a world of infinite possibility is constrained by our biology and environment.

'Bridge to Painshill Park' by Rosalind Moysen - acrylic I am inspired by the woodland in my area and use acrylic and a palette knife to capture the texture and patterns of the foliage and feel of roughness of the grasses, undergrowth and brambles.

'Blue Vase with Red Roses' by Wendy Hale - handmade felt with free motion and hand embroidery Inspired and encouraged to sew by my grandmother, I have been stitching for much of my life. My passion for creating art and craft from vibrant textiles using embroidery to embellish developed over many years and progressed to an enduring love of handmade. I incorporate different techniques into my work, experimenting with felting, dyeing, printing, collage and hand stitch or free motion embroidery to create unique and interesting textures. I frequently integrate recycled materials collected on my travels or something previously cherished. I find it satisfying to transform items with a former history, thereby giving a new lease of life to something old.

'Our Red Planet' by Cate Hopkins - acrylic on wood panel I am a British/Canadian mixed media visual artist who has achieved a Bachelor of Fine Arts from York University of Toronto, Canada. I have a strong interest in astronomy and I find planets incredibly fascinating. This particular piece explores colour and movement in relation to the movement of planetary bodies. The use of red and blue emphasise polarising colours and invite the viewer to take in the sensation of vibrance and motion within this work.

'Cornish Reflections' by Cathy Spooner - oil I have been painting for 20+ years and took part in the Moving Art event in 2019. This painting was done in April 2022 as part of a course at Newlyn School of Art. Painted in situ at Marazion, it captures the changing light and colour - often in the blink of an eye.

'I am inspired by the beauty of the colours and shapes found within the natural world.'

Sarah Rawlins, contributing artist

'Living Rocks' by Lewis Jenkins - traditional colour pencils on Bristol paper The fantastical side of art is very important to me. Having been raised on the works of Tolkien and Alan Lee’s watercolours, I’ve been drawn to imaginative worlds and impossible creatures ever since, drawing them whenever I could. This piece was drawn with Derwent Procolour pencils on Bristol paper, a new style and one I’m keen to keep exploring.

'Nobelium' by Charles Goodfellow - magnetic field casting, flexible silicone resin. I have always been intrigued by natural phenomena from a scientific perspective, which led to the invention of ‘Magnetic Field Castings’. I own one large industrial magnet and can make one magnetic casting per day. Go to my website or Instagram @AttainCollection for more information.

'Silver Birch and Bluebells' by Eric Drewery - watercolour I am an active member of the Molesey Art Society and since my retirement from work as a graphic designer I now have the opportunity to spend more time drawing and painting. My main sources of inspiration are local landscapes such as Bushy Park.

'Go with the Flow' by Demelza Edwards - acrylic I am an untrained amateur artist, living locally but originally from Cornwall. I trained as a film and TV makeup artist and often use the techniques I learnt on my paintings. I love to be by the water and live by the river but I miss the sea and try to return to Falmouth, Cornwall, as often as I can.

'Dreams of Atlantis' by Miranda Fuller - I grew up in the Isle of Wight, where my love of drawing and painting was encouraged by my parents, both keen artists. After a career in Whitehall, I produced an extensive series of book covers for local music publishers and now enjoy experimenting with different media, exhibiting my work and having my paintings reproduced as greetings cards. Colour, composition and texture are all important to me and, while I take inspiration from varied sources, nature and the seashore are recurring themes. I am an active member of Oxshott and Molesey Art Societies.

'Walnut Shell and Kernel' by Viki Royce - fired and coloured clay I am inspired by natural shapes and forms. Exaggerating their size draws attention to the intricacy and delicacy of these forms.

'Winter on the High Peaks' by Andrea Cunningham - acrylic I am a Thames Ditton based artist working in inks, acrylic and oils. My work is heavily influenced by my childhood in the Highlands of Scotland and the Suffolk countryside. I sell my work at the local farmers’ market. My work is also available to see on Instagram, @thamesdittonartist.

'Pak Choi and the Chatenays' by Edmund Woolley - acrylic We were in K Mart, a Korean store near Kingston, and I noticed some interesting, slightly unfamiliar vegetables (with strange names - to me!) and felt that together they would make an interesting painting, with a funny (pop group) title.

'I am the photosensitive kind. I think in pictures; my imagination is always in focus.'

Cristina Schek, contributing artist

'Broken Blues II' by Pilita Bryant - acrylic and mixed media I am a mixed media abstract artist, inspired by the world around me - what I see and feel and my emotional response. From my initial thoughts and marks I allow my work to evolve, often letting my intuition, the paint or medium take the lead, but then I may pull the painting back to its original idea, encouraging a constant ebb and flow of intention and spontaneity.

'Shall We? Lunar Disco Phases' by Susan Martin - photography This is an image made this year for an ongoing conceptual page I have on Instagram called @willlovefindme. The question is inspired by artists Fischli & Weiss ‘Will Happiness Find Me?’ and where I ask how love is in the 2020s, I invite you to follow and be part of the audience. I invite artists to contribute by asking more questions in text, visual and / or sound format, in any relation to the question of origin ‘Will love find me?’ Artists can also add tags to posts, to create further Galleries in part of the exploration.

'Copper Contours' by Vicky O'Leary - mixed media I try to give the viewer an opportunity to connect and value the beauty of nature, to realise its potential to enhance our lives. I demonstrate this through many layers, each one adding another story to the piece, using paint and mark making, before adding texture through mixed media and stitch. Detailed elements of nature are added in the form of hand and free machine embroidery. Whilst creating Copper Contours, I was able to demonstrate the textures of the path sweeping round the hills by re-using everyday materials to help show the extraordinary in the ordinary.

'The Shirt' by Janet Argent - mixed media I use mixed media, acrylics, collage, textiles, painting and drawing in my work. The shirt was inspired by decorative shirts on display in the V&A Costume Galleries. It was shown at Morley College in London for an exhibition associated with the V&A.

'3 of 5' by Sheila Rudkin - acrylic I have been with the Rosebriars Art Group for ten years now. I can honestly say it has been fun, and I have learned a lot of new skills even though I’m visually impaired.

'IKURU' by Vicki Felgate - oil on canvas I live in Thames Ditton but grew up on the beautiful Dorset Coast. My inspiration comes from the world around me. I studied Natural History Illustration at the Arts Institute Bournemouth and went on to work in the environment sector for 15 years. During this time, I lived and worked on several wildlife conservation projects in sub-Saharan Africa. My experiences observing animals in their natural habitat are reflected strongly in my work. I am passionate about protecting wildlife and the environment and hope that my art helps people to better appreciate and respect the natural world.

'Having been raised on the works of Tolkien and Alan Lee’s watercolours, I’ve been drawn to imaginative worlds and impossible creatures ever since.'

Lewis Jenkins, contributing artist

'Petworth Park, West Sussex' by Rebecca Woollard - water-soluble oil paint on board I live in Walton-on-Thames and rekindled my love of painting five years ago when I joined a local art class. I love colour and always try to bring movement, texture and vibrancy to my work. I particularly enjoy painting landscapes and the natural world. This painting was inspired by a photograph I took during a walk around Petworth Park on a bright, sunny day last January.

'Memory of Venice' by Hiroko Shand - watercolour I started to take classes to learn painting at the Hersham Community Centre three and a half years ago. I discovered a new life in art there!

'Diving Upwards' by Cristina Schek - Archival pigment print on Hähnemule fine art paper, Limited edition 2/15 I am the photosensitive kind. I think in pictures; my imagination is always in focus. Far removed from traditional or documentary photography, the camera is merely a tool for me. I enjoy the freedom of turning my photographs into creative montages, trusting my instinct for matching the raw material, with the imaginings of my subconscious.

'Misty Harbour' by Liz Bernard - acrylic I started painting when I retired, gaining experience from adult education classes and various courses here and abroad. I continue to develop my work, which changes as I am introduced to new techniques and various media. I enjoy applying paint thickly to produce interesting textures and I love to experiment with colour. I mainly paint landscapes and seascapes, drawing my inspiration from the beautiful countryside around me.

'Golden Girl' by Sarah Lee - mixed media including acrylic, pen and collage I am an artist based in Surrey. I graduated in Fine Art some time ago and lockdown gave me the opportunity to take up art properly again in conjunction with a class at Riverhouse Barn. I paint a variety of subjects but have a particular interest in buildings and architecture. I am developing my skills in painting and sketching outdoors and am a member of Urban Sketchers London. I enjoy using mixed media and experimenting with the different effects they can create.

'Forest Moon' by Sophie Boyce - pencil, watercolour and ink I am currently working on images for a children’s book that is about protection and shelter. The moon is somewhere to escape to and pine trees offer shelter in the icy cold of the snowy mountains. I have used pencil, watercolour and ink and I am also working on a lino-cut of this design.

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