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The Duchess of York's Dog Collar Which of the Duchess of York's beloved menagerie of pets wore this collar, and what touching tribute did she make to the animals after they were laid to rest? Click here to find out.

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National Registration Act card How was this plain-looking document involved in persuading men to enlist during the First World War? Click to find out.

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White Suede Gloves These glamorous white suede gloves once contained the hands of an extremely talented musician and daughter of one of the founders of the stylish Liberty & Co. Click her to find out her link to Elmbridge.

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Oval Gold Locket What hidden tragedy lies inside this charming gold locket, owned by one of the best-know families in Elmbridge? Click here to discover its story.

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Robert Taylor Pritchett sketch There's more to this sketch - and its artist - than meets the eye. Click here to find out how a picture can paint a thousand words.

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Surgical Spectacles What is the link between this strange pair of glasses, a national organisation and Thames Ditton? Find out here.

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Tudor Ointment Jar Discover Ogilvy's Apothecary and find out how this small jar contained an essential to Tudor sickness and health.

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Second World War Gas Rattle How could an object which never fulfilled its purpose be so important to history?

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Compact Mirror Looking closer at the seemingly innocent image on this simple compact mirror reveals a darker picture

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Silk Brocade Pompadour Shoes How might a Georgian lady's uncomfortable footwear have made her 'desirable'?

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The Duchess' Pet The Duchess of Wellington ensured her pets could never be forgotten. Find out how here...

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Fanny Kemble's Apocrypha What can be uncovered about the famous Fanny Kemble from this little yet important book?

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Ethel Harting's watercolours Discover the vibrant botanical watercolours created by Ethel Harting, inspired by local flora and fauna.

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Elmbridge at the Seaside Learn about seaside holidays of the past in Elmbridge through this Victorian card with a twist!

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Elmbridge at Christmas Share your memories of celebrating Christmas in Elmbridge!

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British War Medal 1914-1918

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